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Healing Modalities

Spiritual, Empathic Counseling and Mentoring

The focus of this work is restoring balance, embracing wholeness and embracing the sacred in the living process.

Spiritual and empathic guidance is at the heart of this work, offering development and growth tools that enable clients to track and navigate the powerful & creative energies of transformation. Jennifer counsels how to be aware of and how to follow the energies of her clients’ personal healing journeys. Aligning with our own, unique, creative life force grows our intuitive intelligences of emotion, thought and vision. Thus begins the process to experience life through the eyes of the Sacred Self. Our Sacred Self.

Jennifer guides people through the movement of breath, sound, touch, body, emotions and energy to access and release “the issues in the tissues.” Following this process and tracking the energy changes old patterns and behaviors, shifts our current stuck reality and changes our lives. The energy shift happens. And during this awakening, we live more in our grounded awareness as we grow and as we grow our consciousness. We move into our authenticity and relate to our Selves and to others from a depth of courage, grace and unconditional, loving compassion.

Soul Wash …Spa for the Soul

One of Jennifer’s clients refers to his sessions with Jen as a Soul Wash. It is energy work and bodywork that is intuitively guided. It is healing work and hands on work. It is a partnership of client and practitioner working together to explore and move energy. Jennifer connects into the current of the divine life force. It may be clearing, restorative, deeply relaxing. It may be intense due to energies releasing. It may dislodge and release the dense, contracted energies of trauma. It may access the used-up and out-of-date old belief systems that no longer serve us. It may access energy, emotion and sensation from early childhood on up through adulthood and deep into the ancestral lineage lines that we are born from. It may connect one to their cellular consciousness to earth-air-fire-water and Spirit. It may offer opportunities into shifting the energies that may cause disease. It does bring joy. And freedom to the magical aspects of life.

Soul Wash is learning how to follow and track sensation, emotion, vision and thought. It frees blocked energies and pain. It frees up currents and the energy moves. The “issues in the tissues” respond and release .. and transformation happens. It realigns the tissues and flows with imagery and embodied visualizations that open doorways to new and to sometimes dormant fields of perception. It brings conscious awareness to the natural flow of energy that we are made from. New vision and opportunity may burst into consciousness. It is Spirit bodywork and leaves one feeling connected to themselves. It grows a deep awareness of body, mind, emotions and spirit. It may connect one to the Kundalini energy of transformation. It balances the chakras. It is a Spa for your Soul.

Embody Embrace

Embody Embrace is body movement meditation and a spiritual practice. It explores movement, breath, sound, texture and sensations, where sensation embraces the movements in multi- dimensions through the body. It is self-healing and can be practiced alone or in a group, in nature or on your living room floor. It is container work, setting sacred space and working with intentions. It is empowering and powerful. It releases blocked energy and unlocks the doors to inner dimensions. It rejuvenates the tissues and refreshes the body-mind-spirit connection. It is turning inward and quieting down. It realigns you to yourself and to others. It cultivates joy and well-being, being-well. It is intuitive and develops inner vision and fluid resiliency and strength. It cultivates awareness of subtle energies. It is exploration into imagery and embodied anatomy.

Massage Therapy & Therapeutic Bodywork

Jennifer practices Swedish massage, cranial sacral and energy work. The sessions offer a deep relaxing experience as you unwind from the stresses of daily life. She works intuitively, offering aromatherapy, flower essences, crystals and stones – all of which support the release of tension, energy and stress. The result is a deep and relaxing healing experience. Jennifer incorporates special body wraps, which she designed and created, that help the body and muscles to relax. Her clients often fall into deep, altered states of consciousness during these sessions, which help to bring healing to the body- mind-spirit connection.

Her therapeutic bodywork and deep tissue work focuses on the fascial tensegrity of the body, which supports the body in letting go and releasing old forms and structures that are created over time. Form follows function and this deeper level of bodywork breaks up the holding patterns and restores balance to the systems of the body. Jennifer works with guided visualization, imagery, sound and breath – all of which help her clients release energies and grow new ways of connecting with their bodies – which increase the range of motion and create new pathways of movement.